statement of Detainees ( comrades group elwaly) : About four months later of our systematic detention by the Moroccan authorities in Marrakech city.

In batches spaced temporally and spatially Against the backdrop of our political and trade union activities in university of Agadir and Marrakech, In which we tasted various forms of insulting against human dignity Inside the cells of this cruel and cold prison, which produce only broken bodies and debilitated bones After years of oppression, persecution and obliteration of the humanity by the Moroccan system.

After we had forced to the battle of dignity since the date of our arrest in late January from last year In both (Ludaya) prison and the terrible prison of (ait Melloul) .

Which amounted to five open strikes on sporadic food exceeded one of them 45 days , In which we managed to wrest our rights as political detainees And we had enjoy it in full in a manner consistent with international conventions, resolutions and norms Which originally criminalizes the phenomenon of political detention for being a phenomenon linked to dictatorial and colonial regimes. And becouse of the administration of the modern prison of (Ludaya) did not respect the previous administration’s obligations towards us Announcing a weeks ago an attack on our gains that we have made from the erosion of our bones .

Because this administration is trying to trim our fingernails is not aware of the folly of what it is doing in front of students who They depend on a base (If must to death, it is a shame death a coward) .And because we have exhausted with it the various methods of serious and responsible dialogue in order to avoid any slippages. that it bear the responsibility for any grave consequences , As a hunger strike is a legitimate right that falls within the framework of our exercise of our personal freedoms And because we are still suffering as a result of the complications of heroic strike on food from deteriorationin our health conditions amid systematic medical negligence, did not listening to the complaints we submitted to the various judicial and human rights Moroccan concerned .

If we find ourselves forced to embark on a sixth open hunger strike under the slogan (Martyrdom or life in dignity) As of today 10 April 2017, we hereby announce to the national and international public opinion:

1. Our absolute adherence to our right to liberty as political detainees We have been placed inside the walls of this prison against the backdrop of our national beliefs consistent with the right of our Saharawi people to self-determination leading to total independence.

2. We strongly condemn the Direct termination by the administration of the prison of Loudaya for our legitimate rights, foremost of which is the right to visit, medical treatment and education.

3. Our strong determination to continue the battle of (Martyrdom or life in dignity) until Respond to the last point listed in our Demands file.

4. Empower us (Committee to demand the release of Saharawi students detained in the prison of ,Ludaya, terrible) The authority to speak on our behalf and to coordinate and communicate with various national, regional and international organizations which its working In the field of human rights and all media interested in the same regard. 5. Our appeal to the Saharawi masses at all points of their presence in the desolate desert country to solidarity and solidarity with us in this ordeal.

6. Our call on the Saharawi students along the map of university sites to the starting a parallel combat battles commensurate with the size of our suffering in this terrible prison. (So early in life, I had learned that if you want Something, you had better make some noise) Malkom x .

About the detainees the Saharawi students ” group comrades martyr el waly”.

Hunger strikers.

.Aziz el wahidi .

Ahmad baali .

Brahim al mosayih .

Salak babir .

Hamza rami .

Nasah amankor .

Mostafa boragaa .

Ali charki .

Mohamed dada .

Omar bihana .

Elkantawi el bar .

Omar ajna .

Mostafa ahmaydat ………….

Note : Three political detainees were unable to initiate an open hunger strike for health reasons and they are: .Mohamed argubi .

Abd elmawla elhafidi .

.Elwafi elwakari

Done at (Ludaya) prison in Marrakech, Morocco 10/04/2017

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