The Moroccan authorities has attacked four Saharawi journalists by secret Moroccan police in Laayoune/Western Sahara.

The Moroccan authorities has attacked four Saharawi journalists by secret Moroccan police in Laayoune/Western Sahara,while they were covering a peaceful manifestation organised by the Saharawi right c oordinations in solidarity with the Saharawi political prisoners in Moroccan prisons and demanding their release with no condition.

At 06.00 pm GMT . Saturday 15th April. The manifestation started with a complete blockage made by Moroccan security forces to prevent the Saharawi protesters , and deprives them from their legal right to protest and peaceful gathering .

The four journalists :

Ahmed Salek Boussoula the coordinator of the web of Western Sahara news, and Ali Babit the representative of the Western Sahara news in Great Britain, living in the city of Bravest, in addition to a member of the same the web mentioned above Abdullah Mayara, besides Nazha EL Khalidi correspondent of the RASD tv .

At the same time while they were recording the oppression of a group of female Saharwi activists who were prevented to take part in the place of the manifestation Smara street Laayoune Western Sahara.

The four journalists had been victims of the Moroccan secret police brutality, and didn’t allowed them to cover the peaceful manifestation .

Those police elements had taken the camera from Ahmed Salek Boussoula. After this illegal procedure who attack as usual Saharawi journalist in Western Sahara, in order to hide the violations of human rights committed by the Moroccan government against peaceful protesters in the occupied territories of Western Sahara .

As the web of Western Sahara news we declare :

We condemned the brutal actions against the journalists who are not allowed to cover the peaceful protests in Western Sahara.

We demand all the international organisations who are interested in the liberty in freedom of speech and journalist freedom and all the journalists to spot the light on the the suffering of the Saharawis in Western Sahara.

We ask for a monitoring of human rights watch by United Nations and security council to protect human rights in c Sahara, and protect journalists and to break the blockage made on the province for international journalists, international organisations and United Nations reporters .

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