Summary of the second day of the fifth Moroccan ironical civil court of the GDIM IZIK political prisoners

 The Saharwi political activist Hassana Abba, member of ASVDH association in a summary for the fifth .trial of the civil court of the Saharwi political prisoners in the court of appeal in Sale Moroccan cit

The presence of the Moroccan medical committee who supervised the medical experts for 16 of the Saharwi political prisoners GDIM IZIK group, and the medical team is consisted of three expert doctors in the bones and psychology and one of them is the chef of the team.

Who confirmed in her testimony for the court that there are some injuries in the bodies of the Saharwi political prisoners, victims of torture crimes, and also she claimed at the same time the disability of the medical team to make sure of the reason of those injuries and the time of torture .

Hassana Abba added also in his summary that at the second half of this ironical play, the Moroccan lawyer Mohammed Achaby has attacked- the committee of(civil right) which is not a legal committee and has no basis neither in the international law nor the Moroccan law.

And till today the Moroccan court has not determine for the legality of the (civil right) committee, and the same thing with the complaints of the defense of the Saharwi political prisoners before their withdrawal.

The Moroccan lawyer has attacked verbally the Saharwi political prisoners using the same dictionary used in the police reports, pretending that the GDIM IZIK camp was a space for “violence” which comes in contradictory with the statement of the officers of the Moroccan occupation the day of the intervention in the peaceful camp of GDIM IZIK .

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