The Saharwi female activist MEINA BA ALI, victim of arbitrary kidnapping testimony at the council of human rights of the United Nations

Meina Baali is a victim of arbitrary kidnappings in Western Sahara during the Moroccan invasion to western sahara in the seventies has given her testimony Friday 06/09/2017 at thirty fifth round of the international council of human rights of the United Nations.
Meina the political female activist has given the details of her arbitrary kidnapping with her sister by the Moroccan army forces at the age of 16 years .
She has also spotted the light on the violations and mistreatment of human rights committed by Morocco in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, besides she reminded with the political arrests campaign by Moroccan forces as a way to stop the civil peaceful resistance of the Saharwi people.
She has focused also on the raiding and breaking into the houses of Saharawi civilians and Saharwi political activists by the Moroccan secret police without having an authorization. At the same time meina has giving the example of her family house that was broken many times, because of the political activities of her husband.
 She has added that the policy of cut wages adopted by Moroccan authorities to lock and prevent the Saharwi activists from perusing their peaceful political activities by surrounding them and make them poorer than they are. MEINA has admited that she was a victim of this old-new Moroccan adopted policy of cutting the wages.
They had taken the monthly salary she used to have as a social enrollment of the arbitrary kidnapping victims, and it is the same punishment her sister has like many other Saharwis.
The Kuwaiti parliament member and the international human activist Abed Elhamid dechti has condemned the Moroccan attempts to fail the meetings and conferences made by the Saharwi delegation at Geneva, and we in our turn condemns these unacceptable attempts to hide the ugly truth of the Moroccan regime and its crimes against humanity in the occupied part of Western Sahara,and we declare that this was not the first time and that with such stupid actions we will never stop, and those attempts make us more willing to expose the dictatorship of the Moroccan regime in Western Sahara.

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