Moroccan occupation authorities oppressed protests in solidarity with Saharwi political prisoners, and to stop the plunder of natural resources in Laayoune western sahara.

The Saharwi citizens have went to the streets of Laayoune in protests against the ironical court of the Saharwi political prisoners group GDIM izik at the fifth round of the court of appeal in sale Moroccan city since the last Monday 06/05/2017.
The Moroccan authorities have made a blockage for all the streets of laayoune since the Saturday evening. And the cameras of the Saharwi journalists have taken pictures and videos for dozens of police cars, and individual groups of Moroccan secret police.
The Moroccan police like usual used violence and power to oppress the peaceful protests in Smara streets next to MAATALA neighborhood, and as a result of this violent intervention some saharwi activists were injuried during the intervention namely Ghalia Joumani, Mohammed lamin Barria, they were all mistreated like the rest of the protesters and were taken to the local hospital in Laayoune .
At the same time the field oordinations of the unemployed saharwis have organized a demonstrations to stop the plunder of the natural resources, and ask for the jobs and living with dignity in the sector field or at the mine of Boucraa at a time Morocco give job opportunities for moroccan settlers from western sahara or from north of Morocco, while the young graduated saharwis suffer from poverty and unemployment. The police intervention left many victims in the members of the field coordination, we name from them Maalainine Masik, Lehbib Amidan, Abd Rahman Laansari, Sanad Lghangi, Hadaji Lahsn, Mohammed Salem Saadi, Najib Aghlas, Brahim Zerouali, And they were all taken to the local hospital of Laayoune.

The Moroccan authorities used violence against the Saharwi female activist Hatra Aram for her solidarity and support of the demands of the unemployed Saharwis .

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