The Moroccan authorities is taking revenge from the pionner of the peaceful resistance and the Saharwi political prisoner Ali Saadouni

The administration of Tata prison(eastern Morocco) keep refusing the demands of the Saharwi political prisoner Ali Saadouni, the pioneer and the symbol of the peaceful resistance in the occupied territories of Western Sahara to be transferred from Tata prison after his political arrest and the mock trial at the court of appeal in Laayoune city-Western Sahara with fake charges has nothing to do with his peaceful struggle in January 2017.

Ali Saadouni is suffering from epilepsy , as a result of the torture he suffered from many times for so many years in Laayoune city. And in the protests and demonstrations that he took apart in Laayoune city for referendum for the people of Western Sahara.

The family of Ali Saadouni have confirmed that the health situation of Ali is at risk in Tata prison, because of the lack of medical care for him , and also the high temperature at summer and high cold at winter time, which is hard for his health stability.

Ali is the only Saharwi political prisoner in Tata prison in revenge from his political beliefs and his struggle for independence of the people of Western Sahara .

The Moroccan authorities had arrested Ali at the first of December 2016 in a public cafeteria in Laayoune city and charged him with fake charges .

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