Moroccan occupation forces oppress a solidarity protest with saharwi political prisoners in Moroccan prisons

The moroccan security forces started at the first hours of the today the fourth of July to make a blockage over the neighberhoods and streets of occupied laayoune by enforcing the existence of dozens vehicles of police forces. And also patrols of the political secrets police mainky at Smara street, in also in every neighborhood all over Smara street, besides they were watching houses of media activists and activisists hours before the protests that was for the release of the Saharwi political prisoners in Moroccan jails.
And as usual the Moroccan forces has attacked the Saharwi protesters aggressively who hardly could break the blockage. And according to a statement of one of the victims of the police brutality to the coordinator of western sahara web news that the political police has attacked the protesters In physical and oral harassment and hit them mainly at the level mouth and nose, which cause some of them breathing problem case of Salha Boutngiza and Sidi Mohammed Alouat.
And according the information gathered by western sahara news web, a list of the victims and injuries of the brutal intervention against a peaceful protest for the release of the Saharwi political prisoners :
– Oum Lkhout Lmjied
– Sidi Mohammed Alouat
– Salha Boutngiza
– Lhbib Salhi
– Sidi Mohammed Ayach
– Slimane Brain
– Ghalia Joumani
– Mustapha Dag
– Toumana Daida
– Bachri Bentalb
– Hadi Limam
– Embarka Massik
– Mohammed Lhouimed
There are more than sixty Saharwi political prisoners in Moroccan jails, are suffering from mistreatment and serious diseases as a result of torture and prison bad conditions . And some of them are sentenced to life time as a revenge from their political beliefs of the right of self-determination and their defense of the right for referendum for the people of Western Sahara .

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