International Women’s Day; Morocco prevents Sahrawi demonstrations in Laayoune Western Sahara

All women and feminist movements around the world are celebrating their day , protesting and claiming for their rights as equality, right to be educated, and right to be treated as men. Except in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, where there is no respect for human rights.
In the 21 century where human rights and freedom of protesting is a fundamental rights in many parts of world, unlike Western Sahara where there is no respect for women, child and elderly people.
Laayoune, 8 march 2018 at 06.00 pm dozens of Saharwi women supported by some Saharwi male activists went to the street to celebrating their international day like other women around the world and asking for the respect of human rights, and no more human rights violations.
But as we are used we were shocked with the huge and big number of Moroccan police surrounding the street and humiliating female protesters and preventing them from demonstrating, and as a result of this savage intervention 10 protesters where injured and were left in the street, and also the Saharwi journalist Abba Cheikh who tried to record the female manifestation and witness with his camera the violations,but Abba was surrounded by police and he was bitten in all his body by several secret police .
_ we condemn the violent police approach and the way the Moroccan goverment dealing with peaceful protests in Western sahara. Unlike the protests in the north of Morocco, where they show more respect than here in occupied western sahara.
_ we sympathize with AbbaCheikh Salek mahmud, and we thank him for his courage to record Moroccan cruelty. And this was not the first time he was attacked by police.
_ we ask from the international community and NGO and Moroccan government more respect and apply more the fundamental international rights. We have been suffering from those violations since a long time and we see that nothing in fact has changed.

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